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Job Descriptions: Please note that although we have tried to give an accurate and complete description of the job, any omission from this list does not mean that the duty is not included in your job description. We are a ranch, and every employee does what needs to be done to keep the Majestic Dude Ranch running smoothly. Please email a PDF version of your resume, cover letter, and application to


The Office Assistant must enjoy serving people as our quality of customer service is very important. The Office Assistant helps in all aspects of the office procedures so you must have good telephone manners and be able to operate our computer reservation system. Other office duties include: preparation of the necessary weekly reports (guest lists, guest packets, wrangler reports, rec counselor reports, etc.), assisting the ranch manager in many ways including maintaining the Trading Post, special projects, welcoming guests and checking them in when they arrive, billing, attending to special guest needs and requests immediately, and attending to staff needs in a timely fashion. Some driving may be necessary so a valid driver’s license is a must.

The office assistant must be familiar with Word, Excel and some experience with Access is a plus.

Dining Room Server

Dining Room Servers must provide genuine hospitality in a variety of meal setting: indoor dining, outdoor patio dining, and cookouts. They are responsible for serving food for both guests and staff, making sure all dishes are done, and meal clean up. They are also responsible for the cleanliness of the dining room area and the upkeep of the front of the lodge.

We have a couple of cookouts every week and the Dining Room Servers work with the Cook’s Assistants to be sure that all the foods to be taken are packed as well as all condiments, dishes, silverware, paper products and drinks. Dining Room Servers also attend our cookouts to assist with the setup before and the clean up afterwards.

Dining Room Servers must be outgoing, service oriented, and clean conscious.

Cook’s Assistant

We hire two Cook’s Assistants to help in the kitchen, one for the breakfast/lunch shift and one for the dinner shift. The Cook’s Assistants are responsible for assisting our cooks with all meal preparations including slicing, peeling, scrubbing whatever dishes are necessary to prepare food, baking breads and desserts, and keeping the kitchen area clean and organized.

We have a couple of cookouts every week and the Cook’s Assistants are responsible for working with the Dining Room Servers to be sure that all the foods to be taken are packed.

Cook’s Assistants must enjoy cooking and working in the kitchen. Formal cooking experience is helpful but not necessary as we offer on the job training.


We hire two Cooks every year, one Breakfast/Lunch Cook and one Dinner Cook. Cooks are responsible for food preparation for both guests and staff. Other responsibilities include preparing meals using established recipes, providing direction to the Cook’s Assistants, providing support to Dining Room Servers as necessary, be responsible for inventory related to each meal, and maintaining standards for cleanliness and organization. Breakfast and lunch are served buffet style, but dinner is served “family” style with entrees and side dishes served on platters and bowls and refilled until everyone has had enough.

Experience cooking for a large group of people is a must however a restaurant background is not required.


Housekeepers are responsible for cleaning guest cabins. They do a general cleaning of each cabin every weekday (making beds, dusting, vacuuming, sweeping porches, etc.) and a deep cleaning of all the cabins once a week. Housekeepers are responsible for all the ranch laundry including staff and guest bedding and towels, kitchen rags and aprons, and tack room laundry. They are responsible for cleaning all public areas such as the fitness room, TV room, and pool area. Housekeepers also assist Dining Room Servers with the dishes after every meal.

Housekeepers must be hardworking and clean conscious.


Maintenance workers are responsible for the general maintenance around the ranch such as yard work, pool & hot tub maintenance, painting, minor plumbing (repair toilets, leaky faucets, etc.), some carpentry, vehicle maintenance, and other special projects throughout the summer. Maintenance workers also have responsibilities related to guest services. Those include fishing trips, hiking excursions, jeep trips, and transportation of guests between different activities or airport pickups.

Maintenance workers must have a valid driver’s license.

Recreation Counselor

Our Recreation Counselors must enjoy working with children! They are responsible for creating a fun program for guest children age 4-17. Our children’s program is broken down into 4 groups: Little Ropers (4-5), Cowpokes (6-8), Buckaroos (9-12), and Mavericks (13-17) and you will rotate the groups you are responsible for every week.

The Rec Counselors supervise children during planned activities (riding, cookouts, movie night, campout, etc.) and when the adults are having an activity (jeep trips, riding, meal times, etc.). Rec Counselors are expected to interact with the children, help to plan and participate in weekly activities with them, and work closely with the other Rec Counselors to be sure that all activities go smoothly. Rec Counselors eat all meals with the children. They are also responsible for keeping children’s areas clean and organized.

Rec Counselors must be 18 years of age, possess a valid driver’s license, and be certified in First Aid and CPR (this can be done after arrival at the ranch).


Wranglers must be outgoing and friendly, hardworking, and have excellent, proven horse skills. This job requires hard work and long hours, and lots of contact with guests. Wranglers must have a positive attitude towards their job and the ranch, and must be able to get along well with our guests. They should be familiar with riding rough terrain and have a good sense of direction. General knowledge of safety standards for horse care and handling and equipment used in horse care is a must.

Wranglers are supervised by the Head Wrangler and work with him/her to take care of the horses (feeding, grooming, veterinary care), saddle and unsaddle, lead guest/staff on trail rides, supervise arena activities including team penning and the children’s rodeo, give riding lessons to children and adults, and the daily cleaning of the barn and loading area. We have approx 80 horses and wranglers must learn them all by sight, name, and personality.

You might be asked to ride a young or problem horse in the arena or on the trails so experience training horses is helpful, however the Head Wrangler will assess your ability when you arrive and will not ask you to do any training you are not comfortable with or not

skilled to do.

In addition, wranglers are required to participate in certain guest activities every week including, but not limited to, eating at least one meal with the guests and participating in our Friday night Skits and Awards program.

Maintenance of all trails, pasture fences, corrals, tack room, and barn are also part of the wrangler’s duties.

Experience driving a team of horses, shoeing horses, operating a tractor, and driving a truck and trailer are helpful but not necessary.

Wranglers must be 18 years of age, possess a valid driver’s license, and be certified in First Aid and CPR (this can be done after arrival at the ranch).

Head Wrangler

The Head Wrangler’s responsibilities include directing all aspects of the Majestic Dude Ranch riding program. These include care and maintenance of the horses and tack, veterinary care of all horses including vaccination and worming schedules, managing the wrangler’s schedules and duties, training the wranglers to the Majestic Dude Ranch standard of riding instruction and safety, keeping all horses on a regular shoeing schedule, assigning wranglers to riding groups every week, assessing guest’s riding abilities and assigning the proper horses, and making sure all daily chores are completed in an efficient and timely manner.

The Head Wrangler must be a manager. He/she must have strong leadership qualities, a deep knowledge of horses and their daily care, and the ability to act quickly in emergency situations. He/she must be able to interact with all personality types and ages.

The ability to operate a tractor and drive a truck and trailer are necessary. Also, the ability to drive a team of horses is helpful but not necessary.

The Head Wrangler must possess a valid driver’s license and be certified in First Aid and CPR (this can be done after arrival at the ranch).


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