The Majestic Dude Ranch

Kids Program

Our summer season really centers around the kids program. Our counselors, who have all worked with kids of all ages before working here, do an amazing job keeping all the kids busy so parents can rest easy while they enjoy their vacation. All kids ages six and up are able to ride trails while younger kids are given the option to ride in the arena. Aside from riding, kids pan for gold, play laser tag in our Old Western Town, learn to shoot bows and arrows and BB guns, spend time supervised in the pool, take part in a rodeo, and sleep under the stars in Teepee Village. Parents consistently make comments about how excited they are to see their kids, usually glued to their phones and game consoles, playing outside and smiling all day.

While your kids will probably need a bath before going to bed, they will definitely sleep well each night.

If a child has special needs, dietary, medical, or otherwise, just let us know in advance and we will make sure one or two counselors are especially attentive to those needs.