The Majestic Dude Ranch

Activities Overview

Summer Family Program Our summer session revolves around non-stop family programming. An incredible team of counselors facilitates an action packed kids program. This allows our adult guests a stress free vacation as they have the opportunity to spend time with the whole family as well as time without the kids during parts of the[…]

Cocktail Party With the Owner

Adult guests are given a chance to join Robert at his house for a cocktail party with drinks and appetizers. Each week is a blast and a chance for Robert to say thank you for coming to the ranch.

Horseback Riding

“The wranglers are professional while maintaining the wild west atmosphere” VISITOR AGED 19 – TOP50RANCHES.COM After being assigned a horse at the beginning of the week, you’ll have a chance to improve your riding skills every day. Each ride gets progressively longer until you’re given the option to go on[…]

Kids Program

Our summer season really centers around the kids program. Our counselors, who have all worked with kids of all ages before working here, do an amazing job keeping all the kids busy so parents can rest easy while they enjoy their vacation. All kids ages six and up are able to[…]

Whitewater Rafting

Raft down the Animas River in Durango during our summer season as a part of your packaged deal. No other ranch that we’ve heard of will include the cost of whitewater rafting in their price. The trip is great for beginners and thrill seekers alike. The beginning starts off pretty[…]

World-class Mountain Biking

Ride some of the best trails in the country or take out a bike and go for a shorter ride around the lake or our back pasture. Our mountain bike guides know the area well and will work with you to find rides for your skill level. Whether you’ve been mountain[…]

Paintball and Laser Tag

Enter our Old Western Town and get ready to square off as the Marshals and Outlaws. Using Tippman guns for both laser tag and paintball, both promise plenty of excitement for kids and adults.


Wake up early and climb up to over 13,000′ with Robert, the owner of the ranch, or stay closer to sea level in the aspens close to the ranch. Whether you’re an avid hiker or want to go hiking with your kids, there’s plenty of beautiful scenery to take in[…]


During the summer we play a Kids vs. Adults baseball game every Thursday. After the game guests can see an incredible baseball card museum. If you want to hone your batting skills, feel free to step into our batting cage at any time. Robert, the owner, is an accomplished pitcher and will[…]

Fly Fishing and Fishing

Counselors will help kids catch their first fish and get poles ready for people with more experience to check out. If you do a lot of fishing, make sure to ask about the best fishing spots. Guests regularly catch pan-sized rainbow trout in Jackson Lake, a five minute walk from[…]